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Heat Enhancer Hot Sauce
Heat Enhancer Hot Sauce with Chipotle, Habanero & Whiskey - it`s sweet, smoky and hot at the same time! The Raijmakers Heetmakers Heat Enhancer definitely makes you feel smokin` hot. It contains a great amount of Habaneros (30%),...
Content 0.15 liter (€68.60 * / 1 liter)
€10.29 *
Immune Booster Hot Sauce
The Raijmakers Heetmakers Immune Booster is a tangy green hot sauce full of fresh ingredients, such as a lot of Jalapenos, some zesty tomatillos and lime. A splash of gin, parsley and garlic gives it a herby and floral touch. Goes...
Content 0.15 liter (€68.60 * / 1 liter)
€10.29 *
Brain Buzzer Hot Sauce
Brain Buzzer Hot Sauce with Carolina Reaper and Ginger - not for the faint hearted! The Brain Buzzer is the hottest sauce of Raijmakers Heermakers. This hot sauce contains the Carolina Reaper (hottest pepper in the world) and it...
Content 0.15 liter (€71.93 * / 1 liter)
€10.79 *
Tranquilizer Hot Sauce
The Raijmakers Heetmakers Tranquilizer is a versatile and addictive hot sauce and it contains a great mix of the beloved Habanero peppers and sweet potato. It`s rounded out with ingredients such as smoked bell peppers, carrots and...
Content 0.15 liter (€68.60 * / 1 liter)
€10.29 *