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Hot Snacks


Our hot chili snacks have been developed in partnership with small manufacturing facilities.

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Only the finest ingredients and the strongest chili heat are used, making our hot chili snacks truly unique. Our selection of hot chili snacks includes potato crisps, apple chips, a variety of roasted nuts, biscuits, fruity chews, soup pearls and nutty nougat pralines.

Our most popular snack: hot potato chips

To begin with, the biggest problem with this project was finding a suitable manufacturer who could also work in smaller batches. Next up was finding the right spice mix and this really was a big problem as all crisp spice mixes are usually developed by the large manufacturers themselves. So we had to work together with our spice suppliers to develop a new mixture, which had to be different from the crisps you can find in the supermarket. No flavour enhancers or artificial flavourings, a natural flavour, not over-seasoned and yet very hot – just some of the requirements for our new chili snack. We deliberately didn’t want to be like other mainstream chili crisps, whose flavour is designed to satisfy as many customers as possible. This was a risky decision, but our sales figures have more than justified it. Since 2009 our Chili Chips have been a huge success.

Chili chews to stop thieving colleagues

No other chili snack is more popular in the office than our chili-flavoured Crazy Crocodile fruit gums. Some colleagues just don’t seem to have any scruples when it comes to taking sweets from other people’s desks, without even asking. They’ll be spitting fire on their next raid and will never lay their hands on someone else’s sweets again without asking first.

Spicy, locally grown apple chips

Our apple chips are grown about 10km from our company headquarters in Bad Dürkheim and processed on-site using a state-of-the-art drying facility to produce crunchy crisps. An extra hot coating of habanero powder is sprinkled over the apple slices before drying. This results in a very healthy, delicious and extra hot chili snack.

Our hot chili snacks have been developed in partnership with small manufacturing facilities. read more »
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Hot Snacks

Our hot chili snacks have been developed in partnership with small manufacturing facilities.

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Pastillfabriken Salmiak Chili Explosion 30g
Pastillfabriken Salmiak Chili Explosion is a magic combination of salmiak, liquorice and chili. For the liquorice specialist who is looking for something special. These Pastillfabriken Salmiak Chili Explosion are delivered in a...
Content 30 Gramm (€13.30 * / 100 Gramm)
€3.99 *
Tyrkisk Peber Hot & Sour - Salty liquorice with...
Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Hot & Sour from Finland are classic salmiak candies with a peppery, hot licorice powder filling and a spicy-fruity note. There are four flavours in the bag: spicy citrus, pepper-liquorice, chili-melon and...
Content 150 Gramm (€1.79 * / 100 Gramm)
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Fruitcake Stollen
Fruity and Christmassy. The fruitcake stollen is juicy and flavourful - as if baked by grandma. With almonds, many delicious dried fruits such as figs, sultanas, plums, pears, apricots and apples and refined with a pinch of...
Content 200 Gramm (€3.00 * / 100 Gramm)
€5.99 *
Pepper King Habanero Popcorn
Extremely spicy and delicious! That`s the new product Pepper-King Popcorn . For those, who love to snack and to eat extremely hot. The Pepper-King Popcorn in the right packaging design is characterized by the unique Chili-Taste.
Content 90 Gramm (€2.54 * / 100 Gramm)
€2.29 *
Pepper King Habanero Chips
Pepper King Habanero Chips
Warning - you really can get hooked on these crisps! Crunchy, hot and with full Habanero flavour. Pepper King Habanero Chips are slightly thicker than normal potato crisps and have a very crunchy texture. They are spicy with a very...
Content 125 Gramm (€1.99 * / 100 Gramm)
€2.49 *