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Fresh chillies


You wanted fresh chillies – you’ve got fresh chillies.

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Due to huge demand we now stock our hot chili peppers, fresh from the harvest. Refrigerated during transit, they arrive at our warehouse and are only picked and safely packed in the cold storage house shortly before delivery. This guarantees a longer shelf life and means you can enjoy wonderfully crisp and aromatic peppers of the very highest quality.

You can expect to find a wide range of different varieties, which is set to grow further in the future. Another goal of ours is to be able to offer organic quality standards for of all our fresh chilies.

Different varieties

If you love fresh chilies like we do, we can offer you different varieties for you to choose from or we can put together a small selection for you. Please take heed of the spice levels here. The lower the number, the lower the levels of capsaicin and therefore the milder the spiciness. Products rated with a four are already classified as “hot” and a ten indicates the end of the line – thus only making it tolerable for unpractised chili eaters in very tiny amounts. Please do not underestimate fresh chilies and handle the different spice levels accordingly. It is much more advisable to slowly work you way up through the levels of spiciness, rather than jumping head first into the devil’s kitchen.

Guidelines for use

During cooking, make sure not to get the juice in your eyes or near any other mucous membranes. When cutting fresh chilies, make sure that there is at least 50cm space between the chilies and your face. Wash your hands very thoroughly afterwards or use gloves. 

Order fresh chilies online

Do you have any questions about our fresh chilies? It doesn’t matter if you want to find out more about the different spice levels or are looking for a specific variety – our friendly service team is ready to help you with all their expertise and advice. We would be happy to help you.

You wanted fresh chillies – you’ve got fresh chillies. read more »
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Fresh chillies

You wanted fresh chillies – you’ve got fresh chillies.

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Jalapeno Corer
Remove chili core and seeds in seconds. If you love grilling or stuffing chillies, make the chore of coring out the peppers easier with this handy new jalapeno corer. Just insert and twist, and the tools serrated sides separate the...
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