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Discover the world of delicious nuts

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We all love to snack. This is something we can all agree on. Depending on which variety, nuts and other seeds contain various amounts of prized oils, minerals and proteins. We have put together a range of products for you, which gives you plenty to choose from. You will find hot nuts in a range of different heat levels, so you will always have something tasty to offer your guests. If you are not yet familiar with the different levels of spiciness, we kindly ask you to take heed of the following information on this topic. It is possible for chili nuts to have a degree of spiciness that is too high for an inexperienced chili-eater and which makes it impossible for them to eat the nuts. However, those with more experience eating spicy foods can enjoy them without any problems. 

Hot and spicy 

Some of the milder snacks in our selection include Japanese wasabi nuts. Their mild spicy heat comes from the green Japanese horseradish and the flavour is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of horseradish. Green Tabasco Chili Peanuts by Kadjan are significantly hotter. 

If you love to eat things that are hot as hell, then you are really going to love the products in this section. Examples of our very hot spicy snacks are our cashew nuts with habanero chili, which have been rated a 6 on the spice scale. Other products also classed with the same degree of spiciness include roasted peanuts, soup pearls and pumpkin seeds with habanero chili. Out hottest nuts, the bih jolokia chili peanuts, are only recommended to very experienced chili lovers, setting themselves apart from the other tasty treats with a spice level of 8 – a hot snack in the truest sense of the word!

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You should work your way up through the different degrees of spiciness slowly. If the chili nuts or other products from this section prove to be too hot for you, you can try mixing them with unseasoned pulses. This helps alleviate the intense spicy heat. 

Please contact us if you have any further questions, suggestions or requests. Our skilled and friendly team is happy to help you, whether by e-mail or over the phone.

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Discover the world of delicious nuts

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Habanero Chili Soup Pearls
Habanero Chili Soup Pearls
Chili Food`s Habanero Chili Soup Pearls are perfect for using like croutons in soup or scattered over a salad, they also taste great as a snack between meals. You simply have  to try them!
Content 150 Gramm (€1.66 * / 100 Gramm)
€2.49 *