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Our product range covers a broad palette of exclusive snacks and treats.

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Regardless of whether you like it fiery hot or enjoyably mild – we always take care to ensure that our collections include a large selection that will satisfy the most diverse range of tastes. With all of these choices, you’ll always be sure of having something special on hand to offer your guests. Below, you will find spicy chili crisps and all kinds of other snacks. 

The not-quite-so-hot chili crisps

Spice level 1 is very mild and accordingly can be tolerated by almost everyone. For example, this section includes our Jalapeño Tortilla Chips, Habanero Tortilla Chips and our Chipotle Chili Tortilla Chips. All three flavours have a special taste all of their own. They can also be eaten with a number of different sauces from our range. Our Roasted Giant Chili Corn offers a welcome change in our mild snacks section. This corn not only has a fantastic unique flavour, but also first-rate consistency, perfect for snacking and this making it a popular alternative to serve to guests.

These hot snacks have earned their title

Pepper King BBQ Jalapeño Chips are traditional kettle chips that come in at a 2 on the spice scale. Spice level 3 is occupied by products like the Thai Spicy Snack Mix, which is also a great alternative, if you don’t just want to serve spicy chili chips. Pepper King Habanero Cheese Chips are even hotter. Although they are still in the lower ranges of spiciness with a level 4 grading.

If you love it really hot then you simply have to try our Habanero Chili Chips. They are an 8 on the spice scale and are part of extremely hot snack collection. We would like to point out that spicy snacks like this are not suitable for inexperienced chili eaters. Drinks high in fat, such as milk, can help alleviate the burning sensation. 

Other tasty treats for a great evening

In addition, our product range also includes suitable sauces and drinks in a number of different levels of spiciness. This even includes a very special dark chili chocolate. Let nothing stand between you and a wonderful evening!

Our friendly service team is ready and waiting to hear any questions or feedback that you might have via phone or e-mail – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our product range covers a broad palette of exclusive snacks and treats. read more »
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Our product range covers a broad palette of exclusive snacks and treats.

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Pepper King Habanero Tortilla Chips
Pepper King`s hot range has grown: The Pepper King Habañero Tortilla Chips complement the Pepper King range with kettle chips and popcorn. The tortilla chips are made with natural sunflower oil and without any colourings &...
Content 0.175 Kilogramm (€14.23 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€2.49 *
Pepper King Habanero Chips
Pepper King Habanero Chips
Warning - you really can get hooked on these crisps! Crunchy, hot and with full Habanero flavour. Pepper King Habanero Chips are slightly thicker than normal potato crisps and have a very crunchy texture. They are spicy with a very...
Content 0.125 Kilogramm (€19.92 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€2.49 *