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Brain Burner Hot Sauce
Scovilla`s Finest BRAIN BURNER Hot Sauce, 100ml Guaranteed to burn away all the fluff in your mind. Scovilla`s recommendation for a clear mind and pure thoughts. But beware: first comes the fireworks in the head. Ideal for MdBs....
Content 100 ml
€11.99 *
Reaper`s Knockout Hot Sauce
Scovilla`s Finest REAPER`S KNOCKOUT Hot Sauce, 100ml Only for the hottest in the ring. The Carolina Reaper knockout hot sauce. There is no winning on points here. The heat comes exclusively from the Carolina Reaper, the hottest...
Content 100 ml
€11.99 *
Friendly Fire Extreme Hot Sauce with Bullet,...
FRIENDLY FIRE - THIS FIRE KEEPS YOU ALIVE! This extremely hot and bulletproof hot sauce with 30% Carolina Reaper is ready for tough action. In addition to the world`s hottest chilli, Habaneros with mango and passion fruit* ensure...
Content 247 ml (€4.85 * / 100 ml)
€11.99 *
Friendly Fire Hot BBQ Sauce with real bullet
FRIENDLY FIRE - THIS FIRE KEEPS YOU ALIVE! This hearty and hot BBQ sauce is based on the maximum a grill sauce can give. Finely tuned ingredients and careful production ensure a smoky BBQ experience with pleasant heat from the...
Content 247 ml (€3.23 * / 100 ml)
€7.99 *
XXXtreme Reaper - Carolina Reaper Extreme Hot...
SCOVILLA`s HOT GOURMET SAUCE XXXTREME REAPER - THE FLAVOUR OF CHILI The extreme heat of this hot sauce comes 100% from the pure Carolina Reaper chili, which is known to be the hottest chili in the world. Rounded off with passion...
Content 148 ml (€6.07 * / 100 ml)
€8.99 *
Savina Kiss Exquisite Hot Sauce
Scovillas Hot Gourmet SAVINA KISS Exquisite Red Savina Hot Sauce is the really fiery kiss of the hottest Habanero. ***SCOVIE AWARD WINNER: 1st place category "Hot Sauce, Specialty Chile". This hot sauce enchants with its fiery...
Content 148 ml (€3.37 * / 100 ml)
€4.99 *
Dragonfire Number One Chili Sauce
Dragonfire Number One Chili Sauce is the very first sauce in the Dragonfire range. The sauce owes its unbelievable spicy heat to the extra-hot chili extract. This dragon sauce is a match for anyone. Due its extreme spicy heat, do not...
Content 148 ml (€7.43 * / 100 ml)
€10.99 *