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Guacamole Dip 470 ml
Guacamole Dip 470 ml
Guacamole is a delicious spicy avocado cream, which is served in Mexico traditionally to tortilla chips, tacos or as a side dish to meat. The word guacamole comes from the word "ahuacamolli" from Nahuatl language, an earlier spoken...
Content 0.47 Kilogramm (€9.55 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€4.49 *
Garlic Bomb Hot Sauce
Garlic Bomb Hot Sauce
Bombastic chilli sauce with more than 25% garlic. If garlic is one of the most important ingredients and must not be missing in any dish, this is YOUR sauce. Intense garlic taste, combined with the fruity fresh flavour and the...
Content 200 ml (€3.50 * / 100 ml)
€6.99 *