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Neem Soil Blocs 10x100g
Neem Soil Blocs 10x100g
Neem and coir potting soil. Practical, clean to use and peat-free. The neem potting soil blocs are a planting substrate that swells when water is added and can be used pure or mixed with soil. The coconut fibre material of the...
Content 1 Kilogramm
€6.49 *
Eco Coir Bloc 600g
Eco Coir Bloc 600g
Coconut potting soil. Practical, easy to use and peat-free. Coconut potting soil is a planting substrate made from coconut fibres for growing and as an addition to conventional potting soil. It is an ideal peat substitute with...
Content 0.6 Kilogramm (€4.98 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€2.99 *