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Unagi Sauce
Unagi Sauce
This sweet and salty brewed soy sauce was specially developed for typical Japanese delicacies with sea eel. It also has a soft, thick texture, perfect for decorative designs on sushi, for example. without fat resealable...
Content 0.2 liter (€20.45 * / 1 liter)
€4.09 *
Kimchi Sauce
Kimchi Sauce
The Yummyto Kimchi Sauce is in bright red colour and has an exotic spicy flavour from a blend of garlic, chilli pepper and other spices. Perfect for pickling cabbage, white radish, and other vegetables, stir-frying rice cake, or...
Content 0.2 liter (€26.95 * / 1 liter)
€5.39 *