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Cayenne Chili Pepper

Spiciness : 8 (20.000 - 50.000 SHU) General Info: The Cayenne Chili (Capsicum annuum) is a... more

Cayenne Chili Pepper

Spiciness: 8 (20.000 - 50.000 SHU)

General Info: The Cayenne Chili (Capsicum annuum) is a real classic and is one of the most widespread chilies in the world. It originates from South America (Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana) and is usually ground into a fine chili powder, the so-called Cayenne pepper. The name is rather confusing, as it is a chili (Capsicum) and not pepper (Piper).
Characteristic of the Cayenne pepper are its biting spiciness and a light smoky flavour which lends many dishes a special note. There are diverse varieties of the Cayenne which differ in colour, length and thickness, such as the Cayenne Golden (yellow variety), Las Cruces, Joe`s Long Cayenne (with peppers of up to 25 cm in length), Long Slim, De Cayenne, Lombardo (mild) and Andy.

Plant growth habit: The plants are bushy and dense and grow up to approx. 80 cm large. The fruits are narrow, up to 15 cm long and often grow twisted. After a relatively short ripening period (80 - 90 days) they ripen to a bright red and are thin-walled, making them suitable for drying and making into chili powder.

Cultivation Tips: In comparison with other tropical chili varieties, the Cayenne is relatively easy to cultivate. After cultivation indoors, the plants can go outdoors from February after the last frosts, provided that the area is very sunny and sheltered. The plants should then have a distance between them of 30 - 40 cm. The main harvest takes place after approx. 3 months ripening time.
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Culinary: The slightly smoky flavour of the Cayenne is an indispensable note in the cuisine of Louisiana, e.g. in Gumbo or Jambalaya. As they are suitable for drying due to their thin fruit walls, Ristras are often made from Cayennes. This is when many chilies are strung on a string and allowed to air dry. In addition to chili powder, you can also make coarsely crushed chili flakes from dried Cayennes, which then give pizzas, kebabs or other dishes a special pep.
As the Cayenne chili is very widely cultivated, it is also a major supplier of medical products which are based on a healthy dose of spiciness, such as heating pads, ointments or as capsules to stimulate blood circulation.

Type Capsicum annuum
Level of spiciness 8
Scoville 20.000 - 50.000 SHU
optimal germination temperature 22 - 28 °C
Sowing Feb. - Apr.
Flowers white (May-August)
Plant growth habit bushy, 60 - 80 cm in height
Ripening from green to red
Fruit appearance 6 - 15 cm long, narrow fruits
Ripening time 80 - 90 days
Origin Mexico





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Customer evaluation for "Cayenne Chili Pepper"
6 Oct 2020

Zu viele Chilis

Ich habe mindestens drei Tonnen Cayenne-Chilis.Habt ihr eine Ahnung, was ich damit machen kann???

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