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Where can you buy pure Capsaicin powder?

Question: Where can you buy pure Capsaicin powder? Answer: Firstly, you should ask... more

Where can you buy pure Capsaicin powder?

Question: Where can you buy pure Capsaicin powder?

Answer: Firstly, you should ask yourself why you need pure Capsaicin powder. In its pure form, the spicy substance in chilies has a spiciness level of 16 million Scoville Units. One would require 16 million litres of sugar water to neutralise a kilogram of pure Capsaicin. This procedure goes back to Wilbur Scoville in 1912, who gave the spiciness units his name.

Pure Capsaicin, a white crystalline substances, is rare, expensive, and used mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. The food industry relies on chili extract, which is offered in varying spiciness levels, mostly between 1 to 4 million Scoville Units. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers would therefore be a source.

We come back to the question of why? A dare? Spiciness world record? We live for chilies and care about your well-being, so have little understanding of such a contest. Our sauces of up to 1 million Scoville Units are more than sufficient for even the most extreme lover of spice. The newest cultivation Carolina Reaper reaches a maximum value of 2.2 million Scoville Units.

Our tip: Avoid pure Capsaicin. If you really want to experience something extremely spicy, eat fresh chilies, in particular Habanero, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion or Carolina Reaper. In comparison to sauces, extracts or powders, when chewing the fresh peppers the Capsaicin is deeply incorporated into the oral and therefore burns more strongly. Spiciness is not always the objective. If you swallow a whole chili pepper, you won`t feel the spiciness in your mouth, only in your stomach.






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