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Make your own Chili Powder

Make your own Chili Powder
Instructions for making chili powder - quick and simple After the chili harvest in autumn,... more

Make your own Chili Powder

Instructions for making chili powder - quick and simple

After the chili harvest in autumn, many private chili cultivators are often overwhelmed and don’t know what they should do with the chilies first. In our report on drying and preserving chillies we identified a few common methods and possibilities.

Particularly large and very spicy chili varieties are suitable for making into chili powder

One type of preservation is gentle drying, however whole dried chillies are usually rather unmanageable for most people. Small Bird Eye chillies can easily be ground in chili mills or cooked whole in dishes. Larger and much spicier chillies such the Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion or Carolina Reaper chillies do not fit in chili mills, and due to their high levels of spiciness they cannot be used whole. Chili powder is very easy to dose, lasts for a long time, and has a fantastic flavour when gently dried. Give your own homemade Chili Powder as a gift.

Make your own Chili Powder

The chillies are fully dried when they easily crumble into flakes when you touch them with your hands. Disposable gloves are mandatory here. Ensure that you are also using an easy to clean surface, as even the smallest powder residue of a hot and spicy chili can be very painful if it gets into your eyes or mucous membranes. A draught may also have serious consequences, so always close doors and windows. You can make your own chili powder by using an old coffee grinder and setting the grinding degree to very fine. However, the simplest method (particularly for small amounts) is using a mortar. Crumble the dried chillies by hand (wear gloves!) and finely grind small portions in the mortar.

How can you store your homemade chili powder ?

Like all spices, dried chillies should be kept in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place. We recommend a glass jar with a screw lid, or you could shrink-wrap them in a plastic bag. Moisture and light are the greatest enemies of dried chillies, as moisture can be a health hazard. Moisture supports the formation of mould, and thus destroys all the hard work that has gone into your private chili cultivation. Light destroys the colour pigment and the flavour.

How long can dried chillies be preserved for?

Well-stored dried chillies can be preserved for approx. 3-5 years.






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Customer evaluation for "Make your own Chili Powder"
1 Apr 2015

werde es ausprobieren

Ich habe eine Frage. Bisher habe ich die frischen Früchte auf einen Faden im Vorratsraum, der dunkel ist gehabt. Nun sind die Früchte trocken, haben aber ihre Farbe verloren. Kann ich diese noch verwenden? Wer kennt sich damit aus?

Admin 8 Apr 2015

Der Verlust der Farbe ist normal und beeinflußt die Qualität der getrockneten Chilis nicht.

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