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Poblano / Ancho

Heat level: 3 (1,000 - 2,000 SHU) General information: The poblano chilli originates from... more

Poblano / Ancho

Heat level: 3 (1,000 - 2,000 SHU)

General information: The poblano chilli originates from Mexico and is very popular there. The chilli variety has two names depending on the degree of ripeness and use: green harvested and used fresh is called poblano and red ripened and dried is called ancho. Its mild heat makes it more of a spicy sweet pepper than a hot chilli, but it is highly valued for its unusual and delicious, intensely fruity aroma. It is reminiscent of sultanas, prunes and coffee with hints of chocolate and liquorice.

Growth habit: The plants grow to around one metre tall and often bear a large number of the heavy fruits, which often requires additional support with canes or sticks. The thick-fleshed, elongated fruits are approx. 6 x 15 cm in size and remain green for quite a long time before they ripen to a bright red colour.

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Growing instructions: The seeds germinate after approx. 7 to 20 days and, like all chillies, love a warm germination temperature (even at night). The fruits need approx. 70 to 85 days to ripen. As they usually have a small depression at the base of the stem, they tend to rot from there if it rains too much. It is therefore advisable to either protect them from rain/water or to dry out these small puddles. Otherwise, like all chillies, they prefer a warm, sunny and sheltered spot without waterlogging.

Culinary: Traditionally, poblanos in Mexico are harvested green, then roasted and their relatively thick skin is removed. Poblanos are particularly suitable for stuffing and stewing. A typical Mexican dish is "poblanos rellenos" (poblanos stuffed with a mixture of ham, cheese and onions) or the national dish "chiles en nogada" (peppers in a nut sauce). When they are red, they are often dried and either used whole or ground into powder (ancho). This brings out their unique flavour particularly well and makes them a fine ingredient for Mexican dishes, chilli con carne, rubs and sauces.

Species Capsicum annuum
Heat level 3
Scoville 1,000 - 2,000 SHU
Optimum germination temperature 20 - 28°C
Sowing Feb - Apr
Flowers white (Jun - Aug)
Growth habit bushy, approx. 100 cm tall
Ripening from green to red
Fruit appearance heart-shaped, approx. 7 x 14 cm
Ripening time 70 - 85 days
Origin Mexico





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