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Are chili plants perennial?

Question: Are chili plants annual or perennial and how can they be overwintered?... more

Are chili plants perennial?

Question: Are chili plants annual or perennial and how can they be overwintered?

Answer: According to literature, only one of the 5 chili types is perennial. This is the Capsicum frutescens, whose most well-known representatives are Tabasco chillies. We have to disagree with this botanical definition. In our experiments, all varieties of chillies could be grown perennially and successfully overwintered. In our eyes, there is a clear policy on which chili types should not be overwintered. For all chili types that have a strong growth (Serrano, Jalapeno, Inferno etc.) or grow quickly in the European climate, the effort is not worthwhile. The annual sowing in spring is clearly easier and more efficient.

Instructions for the overwintering of chili plants can be found here: To the instructions!






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6 Jul 2023


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