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Enjoy our world class gourmet mustards!

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Mustard is usually made using the white, brown and/or black mustard seeds from the mustard plants. The natural heat is the result of a complex biochemical process, which occurs after the seeds have been ground or crushed when the glucosinolates sinalbin and sinigrin are mixed with water. This biochemical process releases a special enzyme. The spice level attainable by white mustard seeds is considerably lower than that of brown or black mustard seeds. In China, this seasoning paste has been used for over 3000 years to add flavour to meals. From here, mustard came to Greece and then spread to many different countries over time through the extensive mercantile trading networks.

Linguistic connections, typical recipes and medical usage

That mustard already reached the peak of its popularity in the past can be seen in its use in idioms such as “to cut the mustard” or “be as keen as mustard”. There are countless different recipes for mustard and so, as with other seasoning pastes, many manufacturers like to keep theirs a secret. Most people are familiar with mild, medium and hot varieties of mustard. However, much fewer mustard lovers know that there is also a sweet variation of this condiment. In Bavaria, it is customary tradition to serve the local speciality, Weisswurst, with sweet mustard and a soft pretzel. So don’t be surprised if you come across this sweet condiment next time you’re in the realm of Bavaria. As well the perfect accompaniment for sausages, this delicious condiment is also used to enrich the flavour of sauces and many other things besides.

The Ancient Greeks already knew that this hot condiment could also have medicinal benefits. The spicy flavour was believed to stimulate the appetite and help with digestion. Similarly, mustard was also said to act as an anti-inflammatory, have an antibiotic effect and help regulate blood pressure.

Special mustards from our range

In our online shop, you can find several types of mustard that you can’t easily get everywhere. Please heed the spice level indicated. Examples of very mild and flavoursome varieties include Gourmet Fig Mustard, Orange and Balsamic Vinegar Gourmet Mustard and Homemade Gourmet Mustard. A special tip for all Bavarian fans of this sweet condiment – try your next Weisswurst with any of the above-mentioned specialities. Plenty of people absolutely love it. The medium-hot varieties in our range include the Bee Sting Rainforest Honey Mustard, which is rated at a 3 on the spice scale. The following blends of mustard are considerably hotter with spice level of 7: Habanero Chili Mustard and Spicy Mustard Chili Sauce. Our Jolokia Chili Mustard with a spice rating of 8 comes straight from the devil’s kitchen. If you do not yet have much experience with extremely hot mustards, then you should start off by trying a very small amount of one of the hotter varieties.

Enjoy our world class gourmet mustards! read more »
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Hot Mustard

Enjoy our world class gourmet mustards!

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Spicy Mustard Chili Sauce
Rich, hot and spicy with a slight sweetness and acidity - our Spicy Mustard Sauce in an excellent Barbecue sauce and marinade for those who like a spot of mustard flavour to the meat. However, the mustard flavour is not dominant, but...
Content 0.47 liter (€17.00 * / 1 liter)
€7.99 *
Fig Mustard
Fig Mustard
Frutiy and spicy. Our Fig Mustard is a coarse grain mustard blended with fruity figs and hot chillies. A complex flavoured mustard with an elegant sweet-and-sour spicy taste. A real treat to cheese, sausages, dips and deli meats....
Content 0.14 Kilogramm (€28.50 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€3.99 *