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Scotch Bonnet

Spiciness: 10 (100.000 - 350.000 SHU) General Info: The Scotch Bonnet chilies are some of... more

Scotch Bonnet

Spiciness: 10 (100.000 - 350.000 SHU)

General Info: The Scotch Bonnet chilies are some of to the spiciest chilies in the world, and are the Caribbean form of the Habaneros. The name Scotch Bonnet describes the shape of the peppers, which are more broad than long, and are clearly furrowed. They are mainly cultivated in Jamaica.

Plant growth habit: Scotch Bonnet chilies grow bushy and can reach up to 120 cm in height. The plants are generally high yielding and the thin-walled fruits ripen from green to a full red (there are also yellow varieties) and have a long ripening period of up to 120 days in our climate.

Cultivation Tips: These chilies need a lot of sun and warmth and therefore do not grow as large in our part of the world as they do in the Caribbean. They should always be placed in the sunniest and warmest place possible. Due to their extremely long ripening time, early sowing and cultivation in pots is recommended so that they can still ripen in the house or the greenhouse during autumn.
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Culinary: The Scotch Bonnet is vey spicy, has a fantastic tropical fruity taste and develops an incredibly diverse flavour that reminds some people of apricots. This makes them an excellent ingredient for spicy and fruity cold salsas with exotic fruits.
In Caribbean cuisine they are an essential component of many dishes, such as salsas with mangoes or papayas, rice dishes, grilled pork, or fish dishes. As the chilies are very thin-walled, they are also good for drying. However, their special apricot flavour is lost when they are heated or dried.

TypeCapsicum chinense
Level of spiciness10
Scoville100.000 - 350.000 SHU
optimal germination temperature22 - 28 °C
SowingJan. - Apr.
Flowerswhite (May-August)
Plant growth habitbushy, 60 - 120 cm in height
Ripeningfrom light green to red
Fruit appearanceround, wrinkled, smooth surface, approx. 5 x 4 cm
Ripening time85 - 100 days
OriginJamaica / Caribbean





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