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Spiciness : 6 (5.000 - 20.000 SHU) General Info : The Serrano Chili (Capsicum annuum)... more


Spiciness: 6 (5.000 - 20.000 SHU)

General Info: The Serrano Chili (Capsicum annuum) originates from Mexico, and its name suggests that it originates from the highlands there. Thus it ripens somewhat quicker than the warmth loving tropical varieties. Although the ripe, red fruits have a flavourful and sweet taste, in Mexico, Serrano chilies are almost only ever eaten green.

Plant growth habit: Serranos develop small crowns on strong stems, and can grow up to 80 cm large. The approx. 2 x 6 cm long fruits develop from their white flowers, and the fruits become green after 60 days and ripen to red after 80 days. If they are harvested when green, they will still continue to ripen. The chilies are relatively thick-fleshed and stay fresh in the fridge for a relatively long time.

Cultivation Tips: Serranos are suitable for growing in pots as well as outdoors. In the garden they should have a distance of at least 50 cm between them, so that later their crowns have their own space  to grow.
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Culinary: Next to the Jalapenos, Serrano chilies are the classics of Mexican cuisine and together with tomatoes are the basis for the famous Mexican salsa Pico de Gallo. In their land of origin, Mexico, the chilies are usually harvested when green, but still continue to ripen relatively quickly. In their ripe state they develop a pleasant sweetness together with a medium level of spiciness. They are therefore excellent for fresh consumption, for pepping up salads and salsa, but also for cooking, stuffing and freezing.

TypeCapsicum annuum
Level of spiciness6
Scoville5.000 - 20.000 SHU
optimal germination temperature22 - 28 °C
SowingFebruary - April
Flowerswhite (May-August)
Plant growth habitsmall crown on a strong stem, 60 - 80 cm high
Ripeningfrom light green to red
Fruit appearancelong, oval, approx. 2 x 6 cm, thick-fleshed
Ripening time70 - 80 days





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