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Chili Contract Farming

Chili Contract Farming
Regional Contract Farming for Chili Food Contract Farming for Chili Food, approx. 10km from... more

Chili Contract Farming

Regional Contract Farming for Chili Food

Contract Farming for Chili Food, approx. 10km from the company’s office in Bad Dürkheim in the Pfalz region. In the background you can see the Haardtrand, on which the German Wine Road runs. The following varieties are cultivated: Bih Jolokia, Habanero Chocolate, Habanero Red, Jalapeno, Cayenne red and gold, extra spicy Cherry Peppers, Jamy. The chillies are then processed in small factories in the region by being pickled or made into sauces and pestos.


Our chillies are grown outdoors in the climatically favourable Pfalz region. The taste of chillies grown outdoors is significantly more flavourful than the taste of chillies grown in greenhouses. You will soon become acquainted with this special taste when you try our new products.


A Habanero Chocolate Chili growing outdoors. Cultivation outdoors results in beautiful large and very flavourful chili fruits.


The Habanero Red still needs some time to ripen, but we are very pleased with the harvest.


The medium-spicy Jamy Chili has a high yield and will be pickled in a small factory as part of a Chili Mix with other delicious varieties.


You can look forward to this delicious Chili Mix. Jamy, Habanero, Cayenne gold and red, extra spicy Cherry Peppers. Absolutely delicious, and a fantastic gift for all chili lovers. Available around the beginning of October 2012.


Freshly pickled, extremely thick-walled, the most delicious Jalapenos that we’ve ever eaten. The tasting of the samples was very promising. You can look forward to many new products which are grown just 10km from our company’s headquarters in Bad Dürkheim and processed in a small local factory.






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