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Information: The Fatalii comes from Central Africa and belongs like the Habanero to the... more


Information: The Fatalii comes from Central Africa and belongs like the Habanero to the species Capsicum chinense. Probably, it was brought over and cultivated by slaves returning home from the Caribbean. Like many chillies of the Chinense family, the extreme heat of the fatalii chili hits you immediately with a powerful kick that lasts for a long time. There is also an exceptional, fruity aroma with citrus notes.

Growth habit: The plants remain relatively small (up to 70 cm), have a compact, robust habit and branch only in the upper area. The flowers are cream-colored and bear elongated, slightly folded chillies with a pointed tip, growing to 6-8cm in length and approximately 3cm in diameter. Usually, they ripen from green to a bright yellow-orange, but there are also red, brown and cream-coloured variants.

Cultivation tips: The seeds of the Fatalii chilli need a while to germinate (9 - 22 days), therefore, an early sowing and a particularly warm place (greenhouse with heating mat) is recommended. As the plants have a particularly long maturation period, it is recommended to grow them in a pot, so that you can easily bring the plant inside when the temperature falls below 12°C during the day, allowing all the fruits to ripen. To keep the plant over the winter, cut it back by 20cm after harvesting and place in a light place where it is at least 15°C.

Culinary: Its pronounced, rich fruity lemon flavour makes the Fatalii a perfect ingredient for fruity-hot sauces and salsas with exotic fruits such as pineapple, banana or mango. It also matches excellently with chicken and fish dishes. Thanks to the pepper`s thin outer walls, they are also well-suited to drying out.


Capsicum chinense
Schärfegrad 10
Scoville 100.000 - 500.000 SHU
optimale Keimtemperatur 24 - 30°C
Aussaat January - April
Blüten white (May - Aug.)
Wuchsform bushy, 60 - 80 cm tall
Reifung from green to yellow
Aussehen der Früchte elongated, pointed tip, approx. 6 - 8 cm long
Reifezeit 80 - 100 days
Herkunft Central Africa





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