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Buy chili plants or chili seeds

Buy chili plants or chili seeds
Here we give you a few tips to make your decision easier:   Pro Chili Seeds: You want... more

Buy chili plants or chili seeds

Here we give you a few tips to make your decision easier:


Pro Chili Seeds:

  • You want to accompany your plants, “from birth”, so to speak, to cherish them and care for them, and you have the time to do this.
  • It is still early enough in the year (January to March). As chillies have quite a long development time, you should begin cultivating the seeds by March at the latest.
  • You have already had good experiences with the cultivation of seeds.
  • The germination of chillies can only take place under very specific conditions - they need a lot of warmth and a minimum temperature of approx. 25°C - therefore it would be ideal if you could provide your seeds with a suitable environment, e.g. you could buy a mini greenhouse with a heating mat and potentially also lighting and a thermostat. (https://www.chili-shop24.com/growing-chillies/growing-equipment/)
  • If you cultivate a lot of plants from seed, with some luck during the middle of the year you will have a small chili plantation with the corresponding harvest in the autumn.


Pro Chili Plants:

  • You want to try some varieties without having to put in much effort.
  • It is already April or later, and you have missed the optimal time for sowing seeds.
  • You are not particularly “green-fingered” - an early chili plant can tolerate slight neglect better than a tender seedling, especially if you go away for a few days.
  • You cannot provide the seeds with the optimal germination conditions (a pot on the windowsill is not usually sufficient enough). The early plants do well if they are placed by the window, as long as they have enough sunlight and warmth to grow.
  • You only want a few chillies for your own use, and do not wish to stockpile large amounts of chillies or to supply your entire environment with your potentially rich harvest. And if you do, then you can buy as many chili plants (including different varieties) as you would like.
  • And if cultivation of seeds hasn’t worked for you - for whatever reason - then don’t despair, simply order one or more plants from us in our Shop.





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