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Drying chili seeds

Drying chili seeds
Instructions for drying chili seeds to obtain seeds from your own harvest The conditions for... more

Drying chili seeds

Instructions for drying chili seeds to obtain seeds from your own harvest

The conditions for obtaining high-quality chili seeds from your own harvest are healthy, completely ripe and pure, unmixed chili varieties. Chilies can easily pollinate each other, and the result can be noticeable in the first generation. Characteristics such as spiciness, appearance and taste can be passed on. If you would like to obtain private, pure and unmixed chili seeds from your own cultivation, you should isolate each variety and pollinate them by hand. If you don’t mind having a colourful mix of varieties, then this is of course not necessary.

When working with the chillies you should always wear disposable gloves, as the Capsaicin can remain on the skin for a long time. Cut the chillies lengthwise with a knife, and remove the seeds with your fingers. This should also remove parts of the white placenta. You should now try to remove as much as you can of the remaining white placenta, as in a dry state this sticks to the chili seeds. Distribute the seeds evenly on some kitchen towel, and let them dry for a few days in a warm and dry place. Please do not leave them in the sun, as this can damage the seeds. As soon as the seeds are dry, they should be wrapped in paper, as this absorbs any moisture. The seeds can now be placed in a screw-top jar to protect them from excessive humidity. The seeds can be kept in a dark and dry place for approx. 2 years. A suitable place is, for example, a drawer in the living room. Don’t forget to label your seed packets, as after a year you are likely to forget which varieties are included.

From January you can start a new season of cultivation with your own chili seeds. Read more here: Chili Cultivation Instructions






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